In many parts of the world, participation in gambling activities was illegal for the vast majority of human history. However, that has begun to change in recent years. Having said that, there are still a number of states that opt to either closely restrict all types of gambling or ban the majority of them altogether.

You can find online casinos to play at that are operated by foreign operators, but doing so may bring you into legal issues in your home country. Before you attempt to take part in any kind of gambling, it is in your best interest to become familiar with the laws that govern your state.


This article serves as a comprehensive overview to the gaming rules and regulations that apply to inhabitants of Wisconsin. You’ll discover all the information you need right here to determine which forms of gambling you can participate in without putting yourself in danger.

A Rundown on Gambling in the State of Wisconsin


The number of people gambling online in the United States is growing quickly. It can be a challenging endeavor to keep track of which states allow certain forms of gambling because several states have chosen to legalize sports betting but have not legalized online casinos in the United States. While some have a blanket ban on any and all forms of playing games online. Despite this, there is a significant amount of customer demand for online gambling in the United States due to the fact that it is more convenient.


It does not matter if you are a resident or a visitor to the state of Wisconsin; if you are interested in participating in online gambling, you must be aware of the applicable laws. The rundown on all of Wisconsin’s regulations may be found in this section of the website.

Is it possible to gamble online in the state of Wisconsin?


The state of Wisconsin’s current gambling laws do not include provisions for online gaming. Therefore, gambling is neither legal nor prohibited, but the state does consider it a crime if you play at an online casino that is located outside of its borders. After the legalization of retail sports betting in November 2021, residents of Wisconsin will only be able to participate in this activity at the Oneida Casino, which is owned and operated by a tribal entity.


There is a mobile sports betting app available, but it can only be used within the casino itself at this time. The state has a clear pro-gambling stance, but it favors restricting the sector to its traditional, land-based casinos, all of which are controlled by Native American tribes. There are now 11 tribes in Wisconsin that are running a total of 22 casinos.


Although betting on horse races is permitted, there are no racetracks in operation within the state. Residents are permitted to lawfully acquire lottery tickets from the state and participate in charitable retail bingo games. There is presently no activity about any gambling legislation in this country, so it does not appear that online gambling will be legalized here.


In Wisconsin, the minimum age to gamble legally is 21.

Bingo, wagering on horse races (at tracks), and playing the lottery all have a minimum age requirement of 18 years old. A person must be at least 21 years old to participate in retail casino games and sports betting within a licensed establishment.


Who Is Responsible for Casino Regulation in Wisconsin?

The Office of Indian Gaming and Regulatory Compliance (OIGRC) is in charge of overseeing all of the state’s casinos in accordance with the State of Wisconsin and Tribal Compacts. The state of Wisconsin has delegated full authority to govern lottery operations to the Wisconsin Lottery. While the Office of Charitable Gaming oversees everything related to charitable bingo. You may find some news on online casinos in the United States below.

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